Wildfire Sprinkler Systems

Wildfire sprinklers give you an edge when you need it. Aquaeus is a world leader in developing and delivering custom wildfire sprinkler systems. Wherever you are located, we can help you protect your property and mitigate against wildfire risk.
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What Aquaeus Does

Specialized Experience

We have deep insight and decades of real world, hands-on experience. Our real world experience includes design, construction, and operational settings. This enables us to create industry-leading wildfire sprinkler systems with unmatched quality and performance. We provide an unparalleled level of support throughout the whole project. We will help you develop and construct a cost-effective sprinkler system that operates as intended, and puts water where it delivers the greatest protection. We know how wildfire sprinklers work from both theory and experience. We are committed to being the world leader in wildfire sprinkler systems.


Wildfire Pumping And Sprinkler Systems

Wildfire pumping and sprinkler applications are distinctly different from other consumer water distribution applications. We recognize this, and we specialize directly in this niche. Aquaeus has over 20 years of practical, real world experience with water pumping, water distribution, and wildfire sprinkler applications. We work with you using a variety of interactive technologies in order to develop and deliver custom designs that fit your needs. We make constructing a wildfire sprinkler system clear and approachable.


Application-Appropriate Designs

We identify and address key design details to match your particular location and fit your needs. We then select specific features that will make your system powerful and robust. We select and deliver quality, application-appropriate materials at competitive prices. We believe that the details matter, and we design to exacting standards. We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness, reliability, performance, durability, and sustainability.

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Do It Right. Do It Once.

Scalable, sustainable, and easy to operate in real world settings

Whether you are looking at wildfire sprinklers for a cabin, cottage, camp, or a community, we can design to virtually any required size and deliver projects in any location. Our approach ensures that your system will be cost-effective, and will function as expected when you need it.

Material Selection and Performance

The marketplace for wildfire sprinkler settings can be overwhelming. There are a range of products available from consumer to industrial quality, with suppliers ranging from OEMs through to reseller and retailer. Then there is emerging tech, and there are also fads and imitations. We take all of these factors into consideration. We maintain a clear, steady, and simple project and procurement philosophy. We balance time-tested, tried and true water handling techniques, the evolving technology markets, and the functional requirements of each project. This enables us to select the right materials for each project and to keep focus where it belongs: on delivering results and performance. 


Wildfire Water Pumping and Sprinkler System Handbook

The author of this publication, Jason Gogal, is a professional engineer with over 20 years of experience in all aspects of water handling systems, as well as almost 10 years of experience and training in emergency response. Jason is also trained as a FireSmart Canada Local FireSmart Representative (LFR), and firmly believes that Firesmart principles go hand in hand with sprinkler systems.